One of the best countries in the world to catch the ambiance of fun and pleasure through the instrumentality of sports and fun filled activity is Morocco. There are various sports and activities in Morocco that would make one spend a whole day outdoors and never wishing to go back indoors. Aside from the fact that Morocco is blessed with so many super resort areas and tourist attractions that are thrilling, there are so many types of sports and peculiar activities that are enjoyed more in Morocco than any other country. The society in Morocco is one that has special affinity for sports than most other countries. Sports such as handball, football, golf, tennis, basketball and athletics are the other of the day. No wonder some athletes from Morocco have actually competed at the highest level and have come out tops.

The king of sports- football happens to be the premier sport of the country, it is played by the young and the old, male and female, and played professionally or otherwise. Maybe this is related to why Morocco has some terrific football dominance in Africa. The urban youths in Morocco engage in football more in the professional form than the youths in the local areas. Another sport that has some real place in Morocco is swimming and sports related to water. The closeness of Morocco to the coast has made it a natural center for most of these water sports. Components of water sports like surfing, yachting, deep sea sailing among others are so prominent in Morocco. Golf is also another sport that is quite popular in Morocco. The golf courses in Morocco are quite beautiful that one gets endeared to play golf even if one doesn’t necessarily like golf. An attestation to this fact is that Morocco also has some renowned golfers.


Horse riding is another fascinating sport that has its place in the league of sports in Morocco. Camel rides are also quite popular in Morocco, in actual fact, most camels share road paths with cars and human beings on the road. A popular saying in Morocco is that camels are regarded as semi-humans. Trekking is also one fabulous opportunity that Morocco offers like no other country probably due to natural resources that are in Morocco. There are mountain ranges in Morocco that are long distanced and have some grand scenes that are quite catchy. The mountains in Morocco also offer some opportunities for skiing due to snow-covering that prevails on most mountains in the early part of the year. Fishing is also another sport that is prevalent in Morocco due to the stretch of mediterranean coastlines in the country.


There are other activities like sightseeing from high platforms, there are also some pleasant cultural shows in Morocco. Some people even go on sightseeing tours while some go for dances such as belly dances or zumba dances that have cultural tones in Morocco. Morocco is one country that has it all in terms of fun filled sports and memorable activities.