Have you ever been to Morocco? If yes, you would know that no trip to Morocco would be complete without Moroccan food, and you would also return home knowing how to cook some, isn’t it nice? You will meet a lot of experts, and you will marvel at their way of cooking.

Marrakech is a place in Morocco that I visit a lot. I have never seen any restaurant better than those in Marrakech’s, the mode of these restaurants are unique, excellent cuisine, clean cutleries, good cook, and friendly audience attention. I would always love to visit that place.

Boarding a flight from the UK is just a 2 hours journey, Marrakech is the landing zone, been stressed after 2 hours, take a nap at their restaurant, no difference from a paradise. The tantalizing aroma is so pleasing for the body that it seems irresistible.

Some restaurants that gives excellent dishes in Morocco


Le Grand Café de la Poste

In the outcast of the medina, there is a newly built town, which has the best foodies there, Café de la Poste. The most common and fast selling among the French. All except for the cigarette smoke wafting around: Morocco hasn’t yet enforced a smoking ban. Choose from either French favorites such as Croque Monsieur or salad niçoise, or a Moroccan tagine or grilled fish.


Dine in your riad

Do you know that the Djemaa el Fna food stalls are well worth checking out, they are my favorite, you dare not resist the food in the cafes that are naturally and generally fairly mediocre. Why not got there for a drink or picnic, watch the sunset over the souk – traditional Moroccan ladies that work in the kitchen. Their delicious delicacies are far better than anything you’ll find in a restaurant, and you’ll find the peaceful courtyards to be more relaxing than the ever bustling medina.

Restaurants are not just the only thing to enjoy in Morocco, but also bars and nightclubs that would make your visit a lively one. If you want your holiday to be full of great nights out and a lot of partying and clubbing, then Marrakech might be the best place for you. After hustling and bustling of the day, the city of Marrakech ushers in the night with hits at the local bars and nightclub scene.

Irrespective of when you visit Morocco, there’s always plenty of things to do in every time of the year. Before you proceed with your flexing life, familiarize yourself with the best arena for a relaxed nightlife, and also a good local bar for your relaxation.The country produces quality local brewed beers and wine, which are a better choice for your evening. Also, there is wide range of foreign imported wines, just in case you wanted a better taste.

Morocco has many tourist attraction centers, and these places have nightclubs and bars, which features great music, usually some mix of local Moroccan music with the modern western music and lots of dancing all night long. Nightclubs are known locally as discothèques, so keep this in mind when looking for clubs or asking for directions. If you’re planning to go for clubbing, it’s best advised to go before 10: pm, as it would save you some money (going late attracts high admission fee) and also give you access to cheaper drinks. Dressing code is always casual in most clubs in Morocco. There are some great clubs in Morocco; clubs like Pacha Marrakech in Boulevard Mohammed VI, which is one of the biggest clubs in Marrakech. You’ll find several people from different part of the world in Pacha. It has an international reputation and attracts people from all angle of life. You’ll also find many great DJs too in Pacha.


If you don’t enjoy dancing all night, there are other better alternatives that you can visit at nighttime. Lots of cafes open at night and some of them have live music and entertainments.

Note that Morocco is an Islamic country, and does not encourage alcohol consumption, so drink responsibly.


It is also not advisable for you to drink alcohol openly on the streets or near a mosque. Respect the Moroccan customs by keeping alcohol consumptions to the local bars or your hotel. If you are a feminine gender, and you are traveling alone by yourself, you should only visit bars and nightclubs that are in hotels, because these places are known to be safer.