Morocco is among the most developed and politically stable countries in Africa. This country has been known for its tourist attractions, as a means of maintaining her culture, history, and coastal regions. As a result of this, there have been many activities going and coming in and out of the country. Just like other developed countries, Morocco has many airports and routes that are accessible and make life easier for anyone going or coming out of the country. When searching for a good and possibly cheap flight to and from Morocco, it’s always better to have a wide range of options to choose from (travel agents or consolidator). This is because different companies have different flights inventories. You might find one company might have sold all of their tickets, whereas some companies have some tickets left. So take your time, and enjoy a pleasant traveling experience.

Morocco has a fully developed air travel industry, of which people from different countries finds it convenient to fly to Morocco with ease. As a matter of fact, there are many airports and airlines in Morocco that you can travel with. When considering traveling to Morocco by flight, it is always best to book a flight that would land in the particular city you aim at visiting. This guide would enlist such top airports in Morocco that are easily accessible.


Al Massira Airport – Agadir

Located in the city of Agadir, and serves about 16 million passengers annually. This majorly rests on tourism, which has been one of the booming business in Agadir. People from Dublin, Casablanca, Nuremberg, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Paris, Brussels, and many parts of Europe can fly in and out of Agadir in Morocco directly from their country. Plans were made to create a new brand terminal, opening the life for the people of Agadir. It has both international and domestic flights.


Mohammed V Airport – Casablanca

You can board a flight that would take you directly to Casablanca in Morocco because Mohammed V airport has what it takes.  People from different part of the world can fly in and out of Morocco through this airport. It has connections with top airlines in the world, such as Air France, GermanyWing, Emirates Airlines, etc.


Marrakech Menara Airport

Marrakech has been the most tourist attracted city in Morocco. Due to this activity, Marrakech Menara Airport has been known for its popularity. They’ve been keeping up to standard and is easily assessable. You can book your flight tickets online or at the airport. Their services are excellent, and they present their country’s image in a right way.


The are many other several airports in Morocco that are readily available and serve as a gateway to enter or go out from Morocco. Below is a comprehensive list of some airports and the cities they are in, along with their identification codes:

Al Hoceima – Cherif Al Idrisi Airport – ICAO: GMTA; IATA: AHU

Agadir – Al Massira Airport  – ICAO: GMAD; IATA: AGA

Beni Mellal – Beni Mellal Airport – ICAO: GMMD

Casablanca – Mohammed V International Airport – ICAO: GMMN; IATA: CMN

Casablanca – Anfa Airport – ICAO: GMMC; IATA: CAS

Casablanca – Tet Mellil Airport – ICAO: GMMT

El Jadida – El Jadida Airport  – ICAO: GMMJ

Dakhla – Dakhla Airport – IATA: VIL

Errachida – Moulay Ali Cherif Airport – ICAO: GMFK; IATA: ERH

Fes – Saiss Airport – ICAO: GMFF; IATA: FEZ

Essaouira – Mogador Airport – ICAO: GMMI; IATA: ESU

Fes – Sefrou Airport  – ICAO: GMFU

Meknes – Bassatine Airport – ICAO:GMFM; IATA: MEK

Ifrane – Ifrane Airport – ICAO: GMFI

Kenitra – Kenitra Airport – ICAO: GMMP; IATA: MMP

Nador – Nador International Airport  – ICAO: GMFN; IATA: NDR

Marrakech – Menara International Airport  – ICAO: GMMX; IATA: RAK

Ouarzazate – Ouarzazate Airport – ICAO: GMMZ; IATA: OZZ

Oujda – Angads Airport – ICAO: GMFO; IATA: OUD

Ouezzane – Ouezzane Airport – ICAO: GMFA

Rabat – Sale Airport – ICAO: GMME; IATA: RBA

Sidi Ifni – Sidi Ifni Airport – ICAO: GMMF; IATA: SII

Safi – Safi Airport – ICAO: GMMS; IATA: SFI

Tangier – Ibn Batouta International Airport – ICAO: GMTT; IATA: TNG

Taroudant – Taroudant Airport – ICAO: GMMO

Tan-Tan – Plage Blanche Airport – ICAO: GMAT; IATA: TTA

Tétouan – Sania Ramel Airport – ICAO: GMTN; IATA: TT


These are all the airports in Morocco. To book your flight, look for good travel agents to book your flight, or you can visit the airport’s website for more information.  If you want to fly into Morocco, and you want your plane to land in any of these cities or airports, you should ask the airport from which you’re boarding the flight, to know their destination before booking their ticket. If it’s where you’re going, then you can purchase the ticket, else, you should look for another airline.

You can easily get a car rental or a cab from any of these airports. The best way to do it is by hiring one, even before you start your trip. This would make it easier for you because your cab or your hired car would be waiting for you at the airport, and all you have to do is to enter and go to your destination. Maroc-Holidays have a good number of list of best car renters in Morocco; you can try it out to pick the best you desired.

As many ancient communities in Morocco still exist, tourists tend to fall in love with the pieces of history and natural backdrop of the place. Expats go for real estate in Morocco either for investment purposes or to reserve it as their nursing home. As more expats want to see this beautiful place, cheap flights to Morocco have become easy to come by.