Life is good when you are driving in Morocco. There are quite a lot of things that are amazing about Morocco and so much more that are fascinating when you get to ride in Morocco. Apart from the exciting centres of attraction that are in Morocco, the people themselves are a wonderful breed. Culture cuts across all societal divides and driving is a subset. So there is no wishing away the effect of what is prevalent in that location on driving no matter what you have known about driving, who you are, and what country you are coming from.


Morocco is a great country to visit whether for business or pleasure. A better way of navigating around the cities in Morocco is through rental cars. Rental cars in Morocco help you stay safe on the road particularly in a country with so many road “irregularities” and uncommon laws. Car hire companies in Morocco also seem to be quite hospitable compared to other parts of the world.  However, when getting a rental car, be shure to check for car faults and some other details like tyre quality, brakes, lights, windows, etc. This is to keep you on the safe side when you return the car. Some rental firms might offer you a professional driver if you want, to help you with city navigation.


If you choose to drive yourself, know that the basic driving concepts from wherever you come from don’t depict the same thing in Morocco. When you see people flashing lights in Morocco, they are telling you a cop might be ahead. Police officers in Morocco are strict, and will fine you for a little offence and take you to the police station for a major crime. One thing you must also know is that donkeys in Morocco are semi – humans because they will share the road paths with you and expect you to respect them. In Morocco, so many people, particularly the rural populace prefer to do the auto-route instead of using the pedestrian bridge. There are also people called the “guardians” in Morocco; they are badged with bronze medals most of the time, and you will get to see them when you park your car. They actually do good jobs watching over cars, but you gotta pay them. Also, to avoid embarrassment, keep your driving license and car papers in the car at all times.


In Morocco, you drive to the right and overtake on the left. You do not want to get caught being drunk while driving, Moroccan authorities are hard on any drivers caught drinking alcohol while driving. An international driving license will keep you off the hook of cops in Morocco. If you must use a mobile phone, let it be with an handsfree kit.  Always remember to dip headlights while driving. Get some knowledge of French or Arabic because that is what you will see road signs in, and cops won’t accept you telling them you can’t read the signs. Knowing these things and sticking by them will make your driving in Morocco a pleasurable one.


If you feel you are capable and armed enough to take on Morocco with your car and driving skills, that’s great. But if you want to be safe and not sorry, you can make use of rental cars in Morocco and might even opt for a professional driver for the perfect pleasurable experience.