It is undeniable that Africa is a beautiful place to visit, and it is a continent that has the greenest vegetation around the globe. Many countries and cities in Africa are full of life, and Morocco is one of them. Morocco is in the northwest region of the continent, with its landscape and friendly horizon. People from different part of the world come to visit Morocco because of its attractiveness, natural resources, and their favorable climate as a whole. Tourist activities tend to be a busy business in the great cities of Morocco because many Tourists tends to spot Morocco as a great vacation spot of which they can enjoy the beautiful art of nature. There are green valleys, beaches, mountains and many other beautiful scenes that are pleasant and alluring to the eye. As this may be, some foreigners tend to wipe out Morocco from their vacation list, just because they have no idea of how they would get a suitable accommodation or hotels in Morocco. You don’t need to worry about that now. Maroc-Holiday provides a comprehensive list of well popular hotels and holiday accommodations in every city in Morocco. Ranging from First class to quality services, and a general overview of their service and ratings.


What type of hotel of accommodations can you find in Morocco?


There are lots of hotels in Morocco, and they are all pleasurable to guest from different countries. There are different types of styles and interior decor of the hotel rooms, and that appease the unique serene atmosphere of the Moroccan grand styles. Also, If you’re coming with your whole family, or you want to have more space and style, why not pick a well-furnished apartment, and live in another home that is far away from home. Be it a hotel or an apartment, every lodging experience in Morocco is an indelible one in the minds of every visitors. Hotel owners and even apartment owners in great cities like Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes or Agadir, etc., takes their time to put to work the smartest and gallant surroundings that would attribute to the beauties of these cities so that tourist would have a 100% satisfaction from every experience they get from the cities.


To mention a few, here are some examples of hotels and apartments that you can find in Morocco:


16 Kms Sud ESSAOUIRA – A vacation home that is close to Essaouira. Close to Horse riding, Fishing, Hiking, Golf, and Restaurants. Located amidst beautiful argan trees, quiet home without opposite with a large private pool, ideal for relaxing and enjoying your holiday.


VILLA MOULAY BOUSSELHAM – A vacation home that is 100 kilometers close to RABAT. It is very close to Shops, fishing, small lake and Restaurants.


RIAD-DAR-TAHIR HOTEL – Located at Fez, and very accessible from every part of Morocco. From your window, you’ll have a pleasure to view morocco’s top mountains. Riad Dar Tahir has a Moorish architecture which houses an art of refined living. Their rooms and suites have the same elegance and feature all modern amenities. Their restaurants have classic cuisines, both local and intercontinental dishes. They provide other services like transportation, halls for conference meetings and pick-ups from airports.


Morocco has what it takes to accommodate any tourist from any part of the world. There is a list of many beautiful and top quality hotels and accommodations at your disposals.


Things to consider before picking a holiday home or hotel in Morocco


  • Budget – Every traveler or tourist have their vacation budgets. So making good plans and preparations for your holiday accommodation is very vital. Since you’re on a budget, you’ll have to make research on the available hotels or holiday homes in Morocco, then, from the list, you’ll be able to pull out the one that you can afford.


  • Location – Are you planning to stay in Marrakech, or Fez, or Agadir? This is also what to consider before picking an accommodation. Every city has it’s own tourist attraction, it’s own uniqueness and activities. So you might as well decide on where you’d like to stay. If you’re planning to visit the whole part of Morocco, and you’d love to lodge in different cities, then maybe this might not be a problem, unless you’ll want to rent a car, which is advisable.


  • Closeness to the airport – If you’re the type of person that hates long distance journey, then you might consider renting a hotel or apartment that is closer to the airport.


  • Tourist attraction – Do you want to be seeing those beautiful shores, or intends to have a clear vision of the mountains? Then you should consider renting hotels or apartments that are closer to your tourist attraction.


  • Closeness to the market – You want to cook your own meals, or you want to always have a long stroll to the market in the morning and interact with the Moroccan? Then put this into consideration.

Some of the names of the famous hotels in Morocco are:


➢    Eden Andalou

➢    Paradis Plage Agadir

➢    Hotel Suisse Casablanca

➢    Riad Dar Tahiri

➢    Riad Couleurs du Sud


The hotels mentioned above are also located in various cities of the country like Agadir, Marrakech,  Rabat, Ouarzazate, Tangier, Tétouan and Casablanca

Generally, there are always markets and bazaars that are not too far from the Moroccan hotels and apartments. You’ll find many shopping malls, entertainment spots and sports facilities around the hotels and apartments.

Therefore, when planning to visit Morocco, ensure that you make proper preparations, and plan a long vacation time ( at least 5 days) so that you would enjoy the good thing which this beautiful country has to offer. The Moroccans are very hospitable people, and they always welcome tourists that visit their city. If you live in Morocco for just a week, then you’ll know you’ll never miss home, because this is just another home that is far away from home. Morocco hotels are the very best place to spend your vacation.