Maroc Holiday – Foad Azzamrani

1. Subject Matter
Maroc Holiday operates the portal, a portal all about apartments, hotels and rental cars, on the commercial providers (agencies, tour companies, landlords, …) as well as private providers can present their holiday accommodation offers. Subject of the contract are the ordered or confirmed by the customer’s order by Maroc Holiday by the customer in accordance with the range of Maroc Holiday product versions.

2. Services provided by Maroc Holiday
The customer can be up to a certain number capture, (depending on the selected product) of property offers for apartments, hotels, cars that comply with in paragraph 3 below on the website a private online access. The set by the customer object offers are accessible via the general search function of the site addition to all the property offers. Maroc Holiday reserves the design and modification of the website including all functionalities and content from within the prior art and the market levels.
Maroc Holiday holds the transferred customer listing saved as a web hosting service provider on their servers and on call (so-called hosting). Maroc Holiday not owe the transmission of information to the retrieving user; this is entirely a matter of the claimed by the user network operator. In disorders of the server operation Maroc Holiday to strive for immediate removal. Necessary interruptions to server operation is Maroc Holiday perform whenever possible during off-peak hours (on Sundays and public holidays 21:00 to 6:00 and). The server of Maroc Holiday are equipped according to the conventional art with devices to prevent data loss, unauthorized data access and attacks by so-called computer malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.).

3. Customer Responsibilities and contents of the object deals
Customer is responsible for the set of his data, offers and other information with respect to the Maroc Holiday and any other third parties, in particular users and visitors to the site legally responsible. If Maroc Holiday by a third party – in whatever manner – arrested for adjusted by the customer data, offers, other information or content at his instigation of linked pages to complete and meets Maroc Holiday to the customer no liability for them in the sense of Paragraph 5., the customer Maroc Holiday from all her therefrom indemnify arising damages and liabilities.
Without prejudice to this responsibility of the buyer are in particular the following requirements for the contractual deals:
• subject of the object offers only properties, hotels, cars may each be available for rent and offered on the market.
• The object information must be complete and accurate in fact and law.
• object images must have a high quality, and have been recorded as engaging as possible, so that they fit into the overall picture of the website.
• The object offers may not be superimposed inappropriately by an advertising presentation of the company of the customer; Maroc Holiday extent reserves a power of appraisal in accordance with the following criteria:
1. Pictures must show the object or parts thereof offered; Advertisement of company names (in particular logos), representations of the client or other non-object-related motives may – based on the each individual image – have only a clearly subordinate weighting.
2. Information about the property offers must be accessible free of charge and without any additional registrations for the user and may not include redirects to chargeable Internet or phone services.

4. Guaranteed properties
Maroc Holiday guaranteed special properties (for example, advertising effectiveness, outline views, successful placement or sales and profit improvement) for any of its contractual services.

5. liability
only if Maroc Holiday or its agents a contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) culpably violated in the Treaty manner endangering the purpose or the damage – shall be liable for any damage Maroc Holiday for themselves and their agents – whatever the legal basis including tort due to gross negligence or intent of Maroc Holiday or its agents. liability by Maroc Holiday to such typical damages If the culpable violation of a contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) is not in grossly negligent or willful manner, so limited that were foreseeable when the contract reasonably for Maroc Holiday.

6. Invoicing / price change
a. The compensation of the performance of the Maroc Holiday is due in advance with billing for the contract period (Note 8) and the respective extension period for payment.
b. Apply the respective list prices of Maroc Holiday who is entitled to make price changes for the next running period.

7. Payment default / lock / delete content
a. In the event of default by the customer, the right specified in paragraph 6. a. Maroc Holiday for repayment of the entire outstanding balance for a term period,  is entitled to suspend contractual performance until the customer paid its maturities Has. The entitlement to consideration not lose Maroc Holiday characterized.
b. Maroc Holiday is entitled introduced by the customers content that violates Section 3, to remove all or part of the site The customer is informed of Maroc Holiday said deletion has occurred. Case of repeated violation and unsuccessful warning Maroc Holiday is entitled to suspend services until the end of the contract period. The entitlement to consideration not lose Maroc Holiday characterized.

8. Contract period
With first-time registration of clients the customer uses automatically the free trial package for 1 month.
Thereafter, the contract period is optional – unless otherwise agreed – 6 or 12 months and starts with booking the respective package and ends automatically after the selected period. Before the end of the term of the customer is informed of the imminent end of his chosen package.

9. Multiple placement / use of display contents
Maroc Holiday is entitled, but not obliged, to make the set by the customer offers through other sites (such as newspaper portals) accessing and posting on print media using a modification of the formal presentation. In addition, Maroc Holiday the right to use the content of the customer (eg, text, videos or images) in the context of own advertising campaigns or change for these purposes (eg to create cutouts) and the content and partners of Maroc Holiday to use provide the same extent.

10. Data Protection
a. Maroc Holiday is tied to their privacy statement published on the website
b. The customer is obligated to use it on the site can assume information about users or visitors of his property deals only in the specific context of these. Any transfer of the user / visitor data to third parties or used for other purposes is expressly prohibited.
11. Other provisions
a. Maroc Holiday reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without giving reasons. The revised terms will be sent to the customer by e-mail at least 2 weeks prior to their implementation. If the customer objects to the validity of the new GTC within 2 weeks after receiving the email, the amended terms and conditions are accepted.
b. From these terms and conditions deviating, taken after the contract agreements between Maroc Holiday and the customers become valid only if they are confirmed by Maroc Holiday in text form (for example, e-mail) or in writing. This also applies for the waiver of the requirement of text or writing.
c. The contract will not be saved.
d. For the rest, the statutory provisions apply.